vSphere v6.7

We have a number of VMware sites. They are small. Typically two or more Windows servers. Sometimes a copy of Windows 7 or above. If you need a Linux server, it works well. We have done this for a few years going back to v5.5. Most of our sites have updated over time and are on v6.5.

VMware has released v6.7. There is a problem. This is not a minor release. There are some issues. The point being, you should expect to spend some time in testing before moving to this version. 

I found a couple of article on how to do the upgrade and at least one saying “don’t do it!”

How to easily update to esxi v6.7

Upgrading from esxi v6.5 to v6.7.

Considering upgrading to vSphere 6.7?

Windows 95 is now an app!

This is just too bizarre not to share. You can download a full working copy of Windows 95 to run on Windows, Mac or Linux. I haven’t and I can’t image why I would want it. But it’s amazing just the same.

Screen shot

Here’s the link to the site: 

And the link for the download:

Downloads for different O/Ss.

Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Yes, you have to have a Windows 10 license to install – mostly. You can skip past the license and there are a couple of reasons to do that. But that discussion is for another time.

In the old days, we installed the base version of Windows or Server then started on the updates. That is still true BUT you can get the latest release of Windows 10 here.

You are given a couple of options. If you are only going to create one copy then you don’t need to download the ISO. I find it helpful to have it. Even if I’m going to create two or three thumb drives.

When you start the program, you get the standard license — which you have to accept. The next screen gives you the option to update your current machine or create installation media. We want to create a USB bootable flash drive. We take the second option.

Select ‘create’

Then more options.

It looks like you can select something besides Windows 10. You can not.
If only one copy then flash drive is okay. Otherwise, create an ISO.

When you select the ISO and ‘next,’ you open the folder window and select where you want to save the file.

Once created, you need a second tool to create a bootable flash drive. There are several. we use  Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. Another good program is Rufus.

Microsoft is blocking hacks by Russians

I found this on ZDNet.


“Claiming a win over Russian plans to hack US politicians, Microsoft unveils a new security service to detect attacks expected in the lead-up to the midterms.”