A ‘free’ private cloud system that is in Beta. It looks like it could replace ESXi (VMware). A quick read does not indicate that the VMs are transferrable from Microsoft or VMware.

It can be installed on bare-metal (normal) or as a VM (not that helpful to me). I’m looking around my office for a machine that I can use for testing. They don’t say when it will be released. But it appears that antsle, Inc. has been selling this on their hardware for a couple of years.

As a comparison, VMware Essentials Kit isn’t that expensive, $495.00. The ‘Plus’ version is $4,495.00. VMware has a full set of add-on features that makes it the number one pick for small, medium, and large sites.

I should point out that Microsoft has their own version which is Hyper-V. I believe it comes included in both Windows and Server versions. There is a dedicated server version: Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016. 

From their website: “edgeLinux provides the ideal platform to run all the Virtual Servers you need, easily and efficiently. “

Get more info regarding the prelaunch here.

vSphere v6.7

We have a number of VMware sites. They are small. Typically two or more Windows servers. Sometimes a copy of Windows 7 or above. If you need a Linux server, it works well. We have done this for a few years going back to v5.5. Most of our sites have updated over time and are on v6.5.

VMware has released v6.7. There is a problem. This is not a minor release. There are some issues. The point being, you should expect to spend some time in testing before moving to this version. 

I found a couple of article on how to do the upgrade and at least one saying “don’t do it!”

How to easily update to esxi v6.7

Upgrading from esxi v6.5 to v6.7.

Considering upgrading to vSphere 6.7?