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Making Remote Working Work!
We provide a phone system that works well in-office and remote.

Remote work is done through cell phone apps and soft-phones. Both are included in the office system. We including text messaging between extensions. You don’t have to ‘share’ on messenger or other third party prodcuts. Video calls are included. The video system supports one-to-one, one-to-a-few, and conference / presentation calls. This is done through your web browser. 

Management and configuration changes are included. Full support for office and remote workers. We are happy to assist you on using the features of this system. 

Remote office features –

The streangth of our system is that it works well for our customers that are needing their employees to work from home.

Our 3CX system has multiple features:

  1. Calls can ring office and cell phone at the same time
  2. Calls on the cell phone can be set to announce they are from the office
  3. The app gives the user full access to the office extensions, contacts, etc
  4. The web app allows the user even more access to the office system
  5. The video system works with web and phone apps

Note: these remote systems all connect through the Internet.



We support high quality Snom phones!

Snom is one of several phone companies supported by 3CX. Snom has a number of good models. We use the high-end for our customers. The features include excellent audio quality plus a great speaker phone. We support Snom conference phones but in most cases, the speaker phone works very well. One of the other special features is support for bluetooth.

As you can see on the photo, there are six buttons that can be programs with a number of features. This version of the phone supports four blocks for a total of 24 settings. The typical settings are for other extension, call parking, speed dialing, etc.

The 3CX system has sold in 190 countries. Currently, they have 250,000 installations. Here are few of their customers:

We provide complete phone systems on a monthly billing. There is no major expense in switching over to our system. 

The billing is monthly. If it doesn’t work out, we pick up the equipment and the billing ends. 

Our package includes a very modern system that is updated with new features during the year. 3CX is the PBX software. It was first released in 2006. The commercial version was released in 2007. We provide you with excellent phones and phone lines. Calls can be set to automatically forward to your cell phone. The system  also includes cell phone apps for iPhone and android. The apps give you access to all extensions, your contact list and more. The system includes a ‘soft phone’ that works on a web page. You need a headset and microphone. And yes, it includes a multi-feature video conferencing system. It works for group discussions and for presentations.

Training, management and configuration changes are included. Full support for office and remote workers.

We are located in Odessa, TX.

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