Microsoft 365 is composed of one product and two services:



  1. Office 2019
  2. OneDrive (cloud storage)
  3. Exchange (email host)



The business version has some differences from the personal and home version. We will stick with the business version in this document. The business version allows you to subscribe to Office 2016 and Exchange separately.



Office 2019 is



  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. Outlook
  4. Powerpoint
  5. Publisher
  6. Access.



Access only runs on PCs. 



Office 2019 can be installed on up to five PCs plus five tablets plus five smartphones. Updates and upgrades are included. However, when you quit the program, your products become restricted. You can open your documents but you can’t save the changes.



OneDrive comes with 1TB of storage. The Email host stored up to 50GB. Office365 includes SharePoint, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. You don’t have to use them but they are included. We suspect more programs will be added over time. For more details, click here.



The combination of the three gives you a local and cloud system. You can work both locally (offline) and connected to the Internet (online). Some aspects are transparent. In some cases, it will change the way that you work and store your data. We will be available to aid with the setup and to make sure that you have correct protection and sharing and are getting proper backups. 



Farsight will work with you in the purchase and setup of Office365. There is an admin account that allows us many abilities but not access to the actual emails. We will access the account to set up your copy of Outlook, install on your tablet and phone. If an employee leaves, we transfer control from the ex-employee to a manager or another employee. 



We also provide a service to make backups and keep history of all of your company email. 



One important point is that Microsoft does not access your data for any reason. There are no advertisements when using these products – a problem we see with ‘free’ applications and social media.