Microsoft Windows 10

Most (90%) of the desktops are Windows based. Many of the Apple Mac’s have emulators to run Windows. What has changed is more people are able to get buy with a tablet or a smartphone for many of their daily tasks.

Two things have happened over the last few years:

  1. Computers have gotten much cheaper
  2. Windows 10 will run on much smaller machines

Our general guideline is desktop computers should last three years. The cost of setting up new machines is coming down.  Many programs (including Windows) will work on small desktops, notebooks, and tablets.

We at Farsight work with you to come up with the specifications so that you don’t spend too much or too little. We don’t sell hardware and will work with your supplier to get you the best deal. We will work with whomever you choose. Our goal is to get you a system that we can install and maintain for years.