vSphere v6.7

VMware has released v6.7. This is not a minor release.

Written By Greg Wood

On August 31, 2018

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We have a number of VMware sites. They are small. Typically two or more Windows servers. Sometimes a copy of Windows 7 or above. If you need a Linux server, it works well. We have done this for a few years going back to v5.5. Most of our sites have updated over time and are on v6.5.

VMware has released v6.7. There is a problem. This is not a minor release. There are some issues. The point being, you should expect to spend some time in testing before moving to this version. 

I found a couple of article on how to do the upgrade and at least one saying “don’t do it!”

How to easily update to esxi v6.7

Upgrading from esxi v6.5 to v6.7.

Considering upgrading to vSphere 6.7?