3CX all-new WebMeeting

Written By Greg Wood

On June 18, 2020

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This article came in an email that we received 6/18/2020. Enjoy!!

An all-new 3CX WebMeeting is here! With a refreshed UI and numerous improvements under the hood, it’s been redesigned to make your remote working experience even smoother.

  • Beefed up infrastructure
    We’ve added more servers to support the steep demand in web meetings while upgrading the WebMeeting platform to increase user capacity, as well as make it faster and more reliable.
  • Bandwidth control
    We’ve added a Meeting Stability & Quality slider to determine the bandwidth of the meeting. This is a unique implementation that deals with bandwidth congestion and user limitations. 3CX Meeting can now automatically manage and allocate each participant’s bandwidth, based on their network conditions.
  • More capacity, free!
    Web conferencing seats have been extended for all licenses for a limited time, at no extra cost. Standard Edition – 100 participants, PRO – 250, and Enterprise – 500.
  • Sleek new UI
    Video streams are now laid out at a 16:9 aspect ratio and uniform grid arrangement, consistent across all participants. The view for screen-sharing, whiteboard and polling has also been improved to increase collaboration among peers.
  • Improved usability
    For moderators, we’ve added easily accessible functions, like the ability to mute/unmute participants directly from their video frame and audio indicator. What’s more, iOS users are instantly entered into the meeting room, upon opening the URL.
  • Ready, set, go
    These new features and improvements are all available in the latest version of WebMeeting. We’re ready to continue supporting you and your business.
  • Coming soon
    We are changing the way shared documents are delivered during a meeting. Files are currently saved in specific individual locations. Physically storing the data closer to customers, will allow us to deliver files much faster than before.