Edge and 3CX Client

Written By Greg Wood

On November 30, 2019

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Farsight VDS primarily supports Microsoft Windows, Servers and Office 365. We also manage 3CX phone systems. Two items that have come up that work together.

Microsoft Edge Beta is the updated browser. The release date is scheduled for January 2020 but the beta has been available for most (in not all) of 2019. It’s good. It’s reliable. And it’s core is the same as Google Chrome. The ‘extensions’ option was for Microsoft (not surprising). Not too long ago, they announced support for Chrome extensions. Wow!

Recently, 3CX announced the addition of the 3CX web client in Chrome Extensions. I should point out that this is V16 Update 4 Alpha. As such, it is NOT recommended for production sites. However, my office is on auto-updates and the alpha and beta copies get added. 

It only took a few minutes to go into Edge Beta, add the Chrome store and install the 3CX extension. It worked!

With the addition, you no longer have to keep the browser open or the 3CX web page active. When a call comes in, you get a pop-up on the bottom right of you screen. 

If you don’t want the pop-up, I suspect you need to change your status to ‘do not disturb.’

I reviewed the posts on 3CX. At this time, they aren’t listing support for Edge Beta.