Office 365 changes default save location

Written By Greg Wood

On September 2, 2019

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On 28 August, we received an email from Office 365. OneDrive will become the default save location.

Microsoft first announced this back in January. If you are set to receive monthly updates to Office, you have it.

In September, Microsoft has it’s “Semi-Annual release”. There is a good chance that you will get the change. 

We reviewed our Office 365 settings. The update setting was turned off. It’s on now. 

The change is to push more of your documents into the cloud. For most, this is a good thing. If stored in the cloud then you don’t have to make copies if you work on multiple machines. 

Most of our customers have copies of Office 365 for each user. But you don’t have to.  And if you use the home version, then there is a good chance that you are sharing the license with family members. It’s a great deal. But there is only one copy of OneDrive. Everything that you store in OneDrive is accessible by all that are using the same license. Even if you are comfortable with the sharing, it would be a good idea to create sub-directories for each user.