Phones and lines – month-to-month contract

Written By Greg Wood

On July 30, 2019

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If you are interested in adding or changing your phone system, please give us a call. We provide a managed phone system that includes desktop phones and incoming lines. Our system supports a few to a few hundred extensions. 

Call us at 432 335 0879


Bundled system includes transferring your current phone numbers, acquiring new numbers, desktop phones, smart phone apps for iphone and android phones, dedicate app for PC and Mac, and a web app that runs on most browsers.

No long term contract—month-to-month billing


Each phone has it’s own voicemail. Recording can be retrieved on the phone or sent to your email account. The voicemail recording is a standard file that will play on just about any computer, notebook, tablet or cell phone.

Incoming calls can be directed multiple ways. 1. Calls go to the operator. 2. Call groups allow multiple phones to ring. 3. Auto-attendants allow for voice prompts; the caller directs their call to specific groups or extensions. 4. DIDs allow calls to be directed to specific groups or extensions. 5. Call Center features which is helpful if you have multiple people answering calls for sales, support, etc.

The desktop phones have standard features: Mute, Hold and Transfer plus advance features that allow each user to set the button to access other extensions, speed dial, shared parking and more.

Each extension has multiple options including Available, Away, and Do Not Disturb. Calls can be set to forward to your cell phone. Or you can install our app on your cell phone which allows it to act as your office phone.

For more information, call us 432 335 0879.